Eric: "Thanks to you and your staff for all work done in my parents recent relocation . We were impressed and pleased at all the work that was done. The placement of pictures and décor made my parents feel at home immediately . I will recommend your service to anyone who asks."


The Grunlund Family: "I cannot tell you how grateful and pleased we are with the move today. You and your team of packers and movers are amazing and everyone was affable and caring. The relocation of our parents from their Departure Bay apartment to the Nanaimo Seniors Village went so smoothly . We were awestruck with the efficiency and skill of all the members of your team. The packing and unpacking was seamless. When we took our parents over to see their new home this afternoon they could not believe that they could walk in on September 1st and just start their daily routine. They loved the way the unit was set up, how the pictures were hung and how everything was neatly put away. Kudos to you and your team for a job well done. We would highly recommend you to anyone seeking relocation. With much gratitude and many thanks."


Patricia: "Thank you so much for the work that you do. I can't begin to describe the many ways you have made our lives easier in the past few days. What a wonderful surprise for my parents (and Colin & I) to walk into their new home -- complete with pictures on the walls! I haven't seen my mother so excited and pleased in a long time. Please extend our appreciation to your staff for their friendliness and efficiency in their work -- lovely girls."


Rebecca: "I didn't get a chance to say thank you for everything yesterday. You helped the move be less stressful and totally smooth for me and my dad. Your "packing/unpacking" girls did a superb job. The apartment at Casa Loma looks better than I could have imagined it. Even the display cabinet was returned exactly as it was in the house. Dad is very pleased. Please thank your movers, as well, for the work they did. Everyone was very professional and helpful. You are a lifesaver!"


W. J. Havelaar: "Anne Delaney worked for and was a friend to both my parents. She first came as a personal care attendant for my mother, Johanna, in her last days and made it possible for my father to cope with her needs until almost the very end. When my mother died, Anne provided much-needed daily companionship for my father, Just, and gradually came to care for him. She started by doing the shopping and preparing breakfast and over the course of several years, as his abilities started to fail, became an essential caregiver, solely responsible for the fact he was able to stay in his own house, on his own terms. He even managed to die there at the age of 99. Anne runs another business, but any time she was unavailable the replacement she arranged was thoroughly pleasant and competent. Neither he, nor we his family, could have done it without her and I cannot either appreciate or recommend her too highly."


Irene: "A short note to thank you for making my move so perfect last week. When I opened that door to apartment #324, I stood in awe. I couldn't believe everything was in place, plus dishes put away, TV hooked up, etc. etc. Even the bed was all made for me to crawl in. "Magic" And all done in a few hours. Thanks again to you and your crew. It was so appreciated."

Jane L. Gibson: "I was faced with a daunting task this summer. My mother had a stroke and I was advised that she had to go to complex care and in the meantime she had put her house up for sale just before the stroke.

The house sold and at the same time I had to move my mother to her new home. I had Anne’s brochure and gave her a call. Anne provided the exact service that I needed. When I met Anne, I knew immediately that I had made the right call.

I was overwhelmed at the speed and efficiency with which Anne completed the tasks. There was much to be done including, clearing out the house of unwanted items, cleaning the house once it was empty, sorting out the items to be moved to the new home and determining that all the furniture that I wanted Mom to have would fit into the new home. I would mention at this point the move was from a 3 bedroom house to a studio suite.

Anne packed all the items and set up the new suite with the furniture. It was obvious on first viewing the suite that Anne had put much thought and sensitivity into arranging the items of furniture, hanging the pictures and displaying the ornaments, etc.

Anne conducts herself with professionalism and has the ability to remove much of the worry from her client. I never doubted for a moment that Anne was not completing the task. I was not able to be around for most of it and felt confident at all times that the job was not only being done, if was being done well.

I can’t recommend Anne enough and would gladly recommend that her services be used without hesitation. I am thankful that I was able to run across such a person during such a stressful time.

I wish Anne all the success in her business. It is richly deserved."


Mariette: "I wanted to send a note to thank you for such a great move for mom. My brother and I were talking yesterday both very surprised at how well she made the transition, so far. We both said that we didn't think it could have gone any better.

I want to thank you and the team at Casa Loma (especially Cindy) for taking the time to check in and welcome her, and introduce her to folks. Cindy has been very helpful in not only educating mom but our family as well, to understand how things work.

I also wanted to thank you for providing Anne Delaney and her services. It became very apparent that she was doing more than moving mom from her first visit. I've worked a lot with seniors but negotiating my own mother is quite a challenge so I was impressed with how easily she moved from concern to concern reassuring Wilma and helping her see what possibilities she would have in the residence. Our family really appreciated that she checked in with Mom a few times over the weekend to make sure she was happy with the move but it seemed to us that it was more of a welcome wagon approach. A kind familiar face on both sides of the process that can smooth that transition. She's not just a mover, she's a therapist. I can't thank you enough for providing us this unexpected and vital service.

I am reminded of a survey I did when I was working with Calgary Family Services in the Older Adult team. I was tasked with reducing social isolation in older adults who lived alone in community. When I asked people why they didn't go to activities they said they "didn't want to go in alone". Anne, and the rest of your team really go beyond to help people feel welcome and connected."

VeteranAid.orgCommunity Partnership: Comox Valley Hospice Society and their Senior Support Program, So Much Stuff, In-home estate sales.