Moving Day

Moving day can be stressful at best and overwhelming at worst. Do not take it on alone. In fact, do not take it on at all - let Delaney Relocation Services handle everything!

When your moving day has arrived, Delaney Relocation Services will have completed the majority of your packing so that everything is ready for the movers. We will ensure that you know the arrival time of the movers and we will be there throughout the day.

On moving day, Delaney Relocation Services will:

  • Complete any final packing.
  • Supervise the loading and unloading of your items.
  • Provide you with transportation to your new home, if required.
  • Carry out furniture placement with your guidance.
  • Unpack all of the boxes.
  • Completely set-up your new home, including:
    • Make up your bed(s).
    • Set up your television(s).
    • Set up your computer(s).
    • Hang up your pictures.
  • Find you a comfortable place to sit, while everything is being unpacked.
  • Make you a cup of tea!
  • Have everything unpacked and set-up by suppertime.
  • Remove all of the packing materials.

Once your move is completed, Delaney Relocation Services can even provide you with additional assistance, such as:

  • Cleaning your previous home.
  • Waste removal from your previous home.
  • Preparing your previous house for sale.
  • Hire any contractors required to prepare your previous home for sale, such as painters, yard maintenance, etc.

Once everything is completed, Delaney Relocation Services will provide you with a post-move follow-up to ensure that you are settled and happy in your new home.

Call us today for a FREE 30-minute consultation and written estimate, and discover just how easy moving can be!

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“I cannot tell you how grateful and pleased we are with the move today. You and your team of packers and movers are amazing and everyone was affable and caring.”

“Thank you so much for the work that you do. I can't begin to describe the many ways you have made our lives easier in the past few days.”

“A short note to thank you for making my move so perfect last week. When I opened that door to apartment #324, I stood in awe. I couldn't believe everything was in place, plus dishes put away, TV hooked up, etc.”

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